The wait is over! With patch 9.2.5, the dream of many players in WoW finally comes true. Finally, three races of elves are getting new character customizations that make them look like Dark Rangers. There is also a matching transmog outfit.

Many World of Warcraft players are still waiting for Blizzard to bring the Dark Ranger class into play. In WoW, the few Dark Rangers accompanied the Banshee Queen Sylvanas as bodyguards or served as scouts. Dark Ranger Velonara is a renowned ranger who has long served the Dark Lady. Later, with the help of the Val’kyr, Sylvanas created a new generation of undead hunters, which Nathanos Blightcaller trained to become new rangers.

However, the undead hunters are not enough for the WoW community. Players want the classic dark rangers as a new class. With Patch 9.2.5, that dream is actually coming true, at least in part. Finally, with Patch 9.2.5, three races of elves are getting new character customizations that make them look like Dark Rangers.

World of Warcraft Dark Rangers Transmog

Undead Elves

To unlock the new Night Elf, Void Elf, and Blood Elf character customizations, you must unlock the Return to Lordaeron achievement. You get this achievement as soon as you complete the “Return to Lordaeron” storyline of the same name. The quest starts in Oribos at Calia Menethil (Horde) and Genn Greymane (Alliance). Both NPCs can be found in the enclave (the main hall of Oribos) where Tal’lnara resides. The quest line is relatively short and at the end your hero even gets a new title “of Lordaeron”

New transmog set

All hunters can look forward to the new transmog outfit, which is just like the regalia of the dark ranger Velonara in BfA. All you have to do is complete the quest line with your hunter. After that, visit Trueshot Lodge, your Hunter Chapter Hall in Highmountain, and then find Outfitter Reynolds. He will sell you the Dark Ranger transmog set for 1000 gold. 

Important Information: If you have completed the questline with a different class, you will only unlock the character customizations. You only get the transmog outfit if you have mastered the quest line with your hunter (the race doesn’t matter).