For the first time in the nearly 18-year history of World of Warcraft, players on both sides of the divide between the Horde and Alliance factions can tackle instanced content together!

Content Update 9.2.5 introduces limited cross-faction gameplay, allowing players to now invite members of the opposite faction directly into a party if they are BattleTag or Real ID friends, or members of a cross-faction  WoW community. This also applies to organized groups created using the dungeon browser.

Additionally, with Patch 9.2.5, we’re introducing some additional content and improvements to the game experience. These include the following points:

  • New Customization Quests  – Blood Elves and Dark Iron Dwarves can complete a new questline that grants a new mount and weapon appearances.
  • New Achievements  – Players who have made the effort to unlock all of the Covenant achievements will find that those achievements are now complete for all of their characters.
  • Gameplay Improvements  – Increased amount of Fame earned and catch-up sources, class adjustments, increased amount of Grateful Gifts, and more.

For a complete rundown of everything Patch 9.2.5 has to offer, including what raids and dungeons are currently available as cross-faction instances, visit the World of Warcraft official website.