In a thrilling showdown at the BLAST Paris Major, Team Vitality emerged as the champions, defeating GamerLegion 2-0 in the grand final. This victory not only marks Vitality’s first Major title but also etches their name in history as the last-ever CS:GO world champions. With Counter-Strike 2 set to replace the game later this year, this triumph becomes even more significant.

Grand Final: Recap

The grand final commenced on the map Overpass, where Vitality displayed their readiness to dominate. With an impressive performance, they secured a commanding 16-6 win, leaving GamerLegion struggling to keep up. This victory propelled Vitality to match point, igniting the hopes of their home crowd.

The action shifted to Nuke for the second map, where GamerLegion displayed greater competitiveness. After 10 rounds, GamerLegion managed to secure a 6-4 lead, matching their total round wins from the first map. By halftime, GamerLegion had extended their advantage, leading 10-5. However, Vitality showcased their determination, staging a remarkable comeback in the second half and equalizing the score at 13-13. Eventually, Vitality emerged victorious with a 16-13 win, securing the Major championship.

Alongside the prestigious title of last-ever CS:GO world champion, Vitality claimed a substantial prize of $500,000. In contrast, GamerLegion took home $170,000 for their commendable performance throughout the tournament.

Vitality’s Journey to Glory

Entering the tournament as one of the favorites, Vitality faced immense pressure as the event took place in their hometown of Paris. However, as top teams gradually exited the competition early on, it became evident that Vitality was the team to beat. They effortlessly advanced through the Legends stage, triumphing in all three matches. Subsequently, they dominated Into The Breach and Apeks, securing a well-deserved spot in the final.

Critics may point out that Vitality’s path to victory involved defeating teams ranked 13th, 28th, 19th, and 22nd in the world. Nevertheless, the French powerhouse convincingly outperformed their opponents in almost every match. Despite the level of competition, Vitality demonstrated their superiority and emerged as worthy champions.

GamerLegion’s success in reaching the later stages of the tournament surprised many, as they were initially perceived as a team likely to be eliminated early on. Apeks, Monte, and Into The Breach also exceeded expectations, securing respectable top-four and top-eight finishes. Consequently, prominent teams such as NAVI, G2 Esports, and defending Major champions Virtus.Pro (formerly Outsiders) faced early eliminations or failed to qualify altogether.

The End of an Era

With the conclusion of the BLAST Paris Major, the competitive CS:GO era draws to a close. No further Majors will be held for CS:GO, as the forthcoming Major in 2024 will take place on Counter-Strike 2. The anticipated launch of CS2 this summer will prompt professional players to transition to the new game. However, speculation suggests that some renowned players may opt to retire instead of adapting to the new game.

Team Vitality’s victory in the BLAST Paris Major not only crowns them as the champions but also solidifies their place in CS:GO history as the last-ever world champions. Their exceptional performance throughout the tournament showcased their prowess and set the stage for the transition to Counter-Strike 2. As the CS:GO era draws to a close, fans eagerly anticipate the arrival of the next chapter in competitive gaming while contemplating the potential retirement of esteemed players.