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GTA: Premium Edition

GTA 5: Free On Epic Games Store

PC players can download and keep Grand Theft Auto 5 including GTA Online for free. We have all the information for you. GTA 5 is currently available for free from the Epic Games Store. You can only secure the Rockstar game from May 14th until May 21st but you will then keep it forever. If...

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GTA Online Arena War

GTA Online: Arena War Update

Rockstars as revealed the next Big Update for Grand Theft Auto: Online and it will have more weaponized vehicles and seven new modes that will take place inside Maze Bank Arena. “Enter Arena War, where ruthless gladiatorial combat meets the bleeding-edge of vehicular modification...

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GTA 5 City View

GTA Online: Black Friday

Needing some extra cash in GTA Online? You can get it right now and you don’t even need to win a race, knock over a convenience store, or drag your friends into pulling off a dangerous bank heist. Start your GTA and just log in to GTA Online to secure GTA$750k.   You can even...

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majorbase gta land grab

GTA Online: New “Land Grab” Mode

Grand Theft Auto V’s multiplayer is getting a new mode to play today. Remember “Gang Wars” back in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? Well, this game mode is something along those lines. In this new game mode, four teams will battle each other on a team-vs-team battle mode...

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