Formally, little is known about “Battlefield 6”. A well known business insider has now summarized a number of rumors that he has heard in a YouTube video. Allegedly, the brand new “Battlefield” is meant to be a reboot of the series. Also, the game should support up to 128 players in certain modes.

In his new video, leaker Tom Henderson talks in regards to the next “Battlefield” game for nearly 15 minutes. Henderson is actually known for his “Call of Duty” leaks, however he is also fairly knowledgeable about other video games – such as “GTA 6”. Many fan questions on Twitter about “Battlefield 6” have made him share his information with the community.

“Battlefield 6” is a reboot that’s based mostly on “Battlefield 3”

To begin with, Henderson makes it clear that the brand new version might not even be known as “Battlefield 6”. Because publisher EA and developer DICE are planning a smooth reboot of the series, just like Activision with “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare”. It might end up just being called “Battlefield”.

The game’s setting should be modern, just like “Battlefield 3”. Henderson explains that the game was generally inspired by the fan-favorite “Battlefield 3”.

128-player multiplayer, last-gen support and battle royale

As normal, the gameplay of the brand new “Battlefield” will focus on epic battles instead of smaller skirmishes. According to the information from the speaker, the multiplayer shooter should provide game modes during which 128 players roam around the map. Large maps are a must.

As Henderson further reports, the next “Battlefield” will be released on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC, but additionally for PS4 and Xbox One. However, only the versions for the current console generation and the PC come from DICE. Another, previously unknown studio is meant to handle the implementation for PS4 and Xbox One.

And last but not least, Henderson additionally talks about a potential Battle Royale mode. He heard that such a mode was definitely being developed at DICE, but he cannot say whether or not it still is.