Rockstar Games is currently working on GTA 6, but another new project from the developer will be announced shortly, says insider Chris Klippel.

Fans are eagerly awaiting GTA 6 from Rockstar Games. The next game in the GTA series was announced in early February with a small but nice tweet. Since then, the project has been quiet. But now a French journalist and insider thinks that an announcement from Rockstar Games is coming soon. But it should probably be a brand new project and not GTA 6.

Fans had hoped in the past that Rockstar Games would be working on Bully 2. A leak seemed to indicate that and that would actually be a brand new project for the New York developer. However, it is not yet possible to say whether such an announcement will actually come soon and if so, for which game.

It is quite possible that Rockstar shares more information about GTA 6 as a new PlayStation: State of Play is coming soon and Rockstar Games could use this opportunity to announce the “new project”. After all, GTA 5 for the PS5 and Xbox Series X was also shown for the first time at the show.

It’s clear that the New York developer Rockstar Games isn’t just sitting around idly, but is already busy working on the next title in Grand Theft Auto. After all, the fans have been waiting for the game for several years. But so far there has not been a lot of information about GTA 6 – fans have not received a trailer or a release date yet.