The recently released arena shooter Rocket Arena is now much cheaper than before. The publisher Electronic Arts have secretly and quietly reduced the selling price to just five euros – and that for the long term.

The game was released just 2 months ago and a short time later, the starting of Season 1 took place and with it the crossplay feature addition. Those who have waited until now to buy, their patience will be rewarded because currently, the price is lower than ever.

Rocket Arena

What is the price?

Up until now, you had to dig a little deeper into your pockets to buy Rocket Arena (around 20€), but the publisher, Electronic Arts, has secretly and quietly lowered the price. The arena shooter currently costs just 5€ on all platforms (SteamPlayStation Store, and Microsoft Store) you don’t have to pay more than that to play it. The so-called Mythic Edition, which contains in-game extras such as special outfits and some units of rocket fuel, costs an extra 5€.

Also, this doesn’t seem to be a time-limited discount campaign, but a permanent price reduction for Rocket Arena. At least none of the online shops indicate that the discount is only granted for a certain time. Electronic Arts have been silent on this topic so far, therefore the subject cannot be clarified at the moment and nothing is known about the reasons for the price reduction either.

However, if you have been eager to purchase the arena shooter anyway, you shouldn’t wait any longer because in the worst case, the price will rise again to the previous amount in the near future.


Rocket Arena was released on July 14th, 2020, for on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.