Relive the extraordinary journey of Ricardo “fox” Pacheco as his story takes center stage in the ESC Online Master League Portugal finals through a captivating “Legends Profile” documentary. This production by E2Tech delves into the life and career of Portugal’s greatest Counter-Strike star.

Legendary Career and Personal Insights

At the age of 36, Ricardo “fox” Pacheco, now dedicated to content creation, keeps his options open for new team opportunities. In this documentary, he shares his remarkable journey, from humble beginnings to the present day, with testimonials from family, friends, former teammates, and international companions.

Delving deep into his experiences, fox bares his soul, sharing the pivotal moments that shaped him as a person, father, and player. From the support of his family to the camaraderie of friends and the challenges faced throughout his career, viewers gain a comprehensive understanding of Ricardo Pacheco.


Mom, brother, friends and teammates such as coachi, iNsideR, Ramone, kallcn543, kickflip, Maikelele, rain, TACO, coldzera, and many others offer heartfelt testimonials and share cherished memories of their interactions with Ricardo Pacheco in this touching video.

The documentary explores the obstacles encountered in his career, the loss of his father, and the profound impact it had on his life. It also highlights the pinnacle of his journey, receiving an invitation to play with SK Gaming.

Where to Watch

The complete 30-minute documentary is available for viewing on the ESC Online Master League Portugal XI YouTube channel or by clicking on the Featured Image section on the top of this article. Immerse yourself in the captivating story of Ricardo “fox” Pacheco and witness the triumphs, challenges, and moments that define his legendary career.

Source: RTP Arena