The Red Dead Redemption 2 Outlaw Pass # 5 is now available in Red Dead Online, offering a wealth of new rewards to unlock across 80 club ranks, including: a new camp dog, clothing, storage items, booth decor, and more.

GTA Online: Outlaw Pass 5 Vest

If you purchase the new Outlaw Pass # 5 by March 23, you will receive a discount of 10 gold bars – this means that the entire cost of the purchase across the 80 ranks can be recovered.

Maybe it’s a good time to do the 2 step verification process to secure your Rockstar Games Social Club account and with it receive a 10 gold bar gift, plus $500,000 for GTA: Online.

Rewards, XP boosts and discounts this week

  • Double rewards in Free Roam missions for Hamish, Flaco, Sadie or other strangers on the map
  • Triple XP for cleared gang hideouts
  • Login rewards for dealers : two vouchers for 25 dealer goods each
  • Login rewards for black distillers : 5 free mash refills, an offer of more than 30% discount on a role item of the “budding” or “aspiring” levels. In addition, there are no placement fees for illicit distilleries.
  • An offer of 30% discount on a role item of the levels “Recognized” or “Established” for the conclusion of a black marketer or dealer sale
  • Login reward for collectors : 5 wildflowers just for playing
  • New discounts : 40% discount on the refined binoculars, the wilderness camp, improvements for the illicit distillery’s still and on all dealer cars (with the exception of the hunting car) and 30% on outfits and hats
  • Temporary clothing available again : the Fernwater coat, the Hopeman waistcoat, the dressing gown, the Strickland boots, the vaquero baroque spurs, the squat stovepipe cylinder, the raised skirt, the concho trousers and the gardenia hat
  • New Prime Gaming discounts : All those who link their account to Prime Gaming before April 12th will receive an offer of 30% discount on selected multi-purpose horses, 30% on selected horse care brochures at the fence and 40% on saddles
  • Ongoing Prime Gaming Benefits : Everyone with a linked Prime Gaming account will receive a voucher for a free bounty hunter license and a trimmed amethyst paint for the bounty hunter cart
  • New rank rewards for the “Wheeler, Rawson & Co.” Club: weapon adjustments, a free skill card, ammunition supplies, mash refills for the illicit distillery , RDO $ and more
  • The Outlaw Pass # 5 for 35 gold bars includes 80 club ranks – if you strike by March 23, you will receive a discount of 10 gold bars

Source: Press release