Ubisoft has been talking a lot about the upcoming major updates to Rainbow Six Siege, under the name Operation Health. Today, they detailed one of the major changes: Player hitboxes imporvement.

Ubisoft explained, in a blog post, that during time the Designers began to see new issues emerge based on the structure of some of the Operator’s models. Some of the issues being:
– Operators have accessories that cause issues because they intuitively make lousy targets (like Blitz’s earmuffs).
– Subsequent Operator’s required unique visual customizations to differentiate them from other Operators (and we didn’t want to restrict our character artists from creating cool looking Operators). A good example of this is Frost’s collar, which we ended up removing from her hitbox because it made her too easy to hit.
– The differences between hitbox behavior between newer Operators and older Operators became confusing for everyone, but especially new players – this lack of consistency was only going to grow over time as we introduce new Operators.

They have already reviewed every character to make sure that they’re in-line with the new game “mantra”: only the human body counts in damage hitboxes.
This change only responds to the first part of a two-step process. The next step is making visual and audio cues for parts of the hitbox that don’t result in damage. For example, if you hit a metallic accessory, like IQ’s headset, you’ll see a spark visual effect and hear a ricochet sound.

There’s still no ETA on when Operation Health will go live with Update 2.2.1.