Every year around Christmas time, GTA Online launches a major update with snow, gifts and in-game bonuses. This is always a highlight for the players, because it is usually worth logging in just for the gifts. In addition, it is snowing on the map and the streets of Los Santos are really slippery.

We’ll show you what we know about the winter event so far and what experience we have from the events in recent years.

When is the winter event coming in GTA Online?

Rockstar Games has not yet confirmed the Christmas event for 2021. It can be assumed, however, that it will take place as in the last few years.

When could it start? As a rule, GTA Online’s winter update starts in the second or third week of December. Due to the events in recent years, we are expecting a start around December 20th.

As we already know, the snowfall is independent of the weekly updates and therefore does not have to be activated on a Thursday.

How long is the event active then? In recent years it has snowed a few days before and at Christmas. After the Christmas holidays the snowfall stopped for a moment and came back on New Year’s Eve.

What does the Christmas event bring? In the last few years you could win cool bonuses when you log in.

In addition, you usually get full ammunition, snacks, fireworks missiles + launcher and full armor every day. For the Christmas spirit, clothes, masks and accessories should of course not be missing. The event will then be accompanied by bonuses that give you improved rewards in certain content.

It is also snowing in Los Santos. All over the map, the streets and paths are covered with snow and invite you to action-packed drifts. So strap yourself the right set of tires to your cart and get ready to drive more sideways than straight.

If you don’t like sliding through the streets with your car, you can use your character to pick up snow from the ground, shape it into a ball and throw it at other players, NPCs or cars.