The loading times in GTA Online can be quite long – but they don’t have to be! A player recently found out how the loading times of the game can be reduced by up to 70 percent.

At the beginning of March, the GitHub user tostercx claimed to have found a fix that could reduce loading times in GTA Online by up to 70 percent. Those interested in technology can read through a detailed analysis of the problem and tostercx’s solution at this point . The short version: The long loading times are caused by a single-thread CPU bottleneck when starting “GTA Online”.

Rockstar verifying the fix and adding it to an upcoming patch

The fix for the shorter loading times spread like wildfire and finally reached developers at Rockstar. They tested the tostercx solution and confirmed that the fix actually significantly shortens the loading times of “GTA Online”, reports PC Gamer .

A Rockstar statement said: “After a thorough investigation, we can confirm that the player t0st actually found an aspect in the game code related to loading times that can be tweaked.” The company also announced, “As a result of this research, we’ve made some changes that will be implemented in an upcoming update.”

Rockstar rewards tostercx with 10,000 US dollars

Shortly after Rockstar commented, tostercx confirmed that the company rewarded him with $ 10,000 from the Rockstar Bug Bounty program. In fact, these rewards are only available for discovering security vulnerabilities in Rockstar’s games. Since tostercx ‘loading times fix offers time savings for millions of GTA Online players, Rockstar seems to make a small exception here.