Luxury apartments, yachts and awesome cars are an integral part of the world of GTA V, and achieving a fat fortune is also the top of the mountain in GTA Online. 

But getting a place among the richest of the rich is not that easy. Of course it’s much easier than in real life, but it’s usually not that easy for beginners to discover the most lucrative and relaxed way to get wealth and be wealthy.

So in this article we would like to show you 15 options and various tips on how to get the big bucks fastest and easiest. 

Take advantage of weekly bonuses

Both newcomers and GTA Online veterans can benefit enormously from the bonuses that Rockstar Games makes available weekly.

The bonuses are usually linked to specific missions and bring not only extra RP, but also more money. All you have to do to get the bonuses is play one of the missions that have doubled or even quadrupled the reward.

So that you always know for which missions you can rake in the most GTA dollars, we post you an overview every week. So it’s best to check our page regularly if you want to stay up-to-date and get the most money in GTA Online. The post is usually always on Thursdays, punctually at the start of the respective GTA bonus week.

Missions can be replayed as often as you like, which allows you to take the bonus with you repeatedly.

Complete daily goals

This tip is aimed primarily at the newer GTA Online players. What is often overlooked at first is the fact that you can complete 3 daily goals every day.

For completing the goals, you will receive 30,000 GTA dollars per completed day and an additional 3,000 RP on top of that. However, it is particularly worthwhile if you always meet the daily goals when you log in on a new day, because then you will receive big bonuses.

If you manage to do the daily missions well for a whole week, you will receive an additional GTA$150,000. If you complete the daily goals for 30 days without a break, you’ll get a whole 750,000 GTA dollars on top.

You can see daily goals in the interaction menu under “Goals”.

It is important that you do not have to log in every day. Only the in-game days count, i.e. only the days on which you logged into the game. So you can confidently go on vacation for a week without the daily goal progress being reset.

You can track the progress in the interaction menu under “Awards”.

Steal and sell cars

Probably the fastest way to get money is also probably the easiest. Just steal a car and then sell it at Los Santos Customs. The best thing to do is simply stand near a Los Santos Customs, so you can then sell stolen cars every minute. 

However, there are also cars with which the trick does not work. These are luxury bodies that you can only buy for yourself. It’s possible to find these cars and “test drive” them, but you can’t insure them, park them in your own garage, or sell them. 

Lurking in front of Los Santos Customs has the additional advantage that you don’t drive a long distance for nothing if a car isn’t allowed to be sold. The short distance also ensures that you get the car to the workshop relatively undamaged and thus saves on repair costs.

Raid stores

If you want to get money quickly, you can always rob one of the small shops spread throughout Los Santos. One deal brings in up to GTA$5,000. Experienced players shouldn’t necessarily pass the time with it, but small animals also make a mess for beginners. 

In order to rob a shop, you shouldn’t necessarily drive up on a bicycle. Get in a fast car and park it near the front door for a quick escape. Because while you are robbing a shop, the police will be alerted, which you will have to escape immediately afterwards. 

For the robbery to even begin, all you have to do is aim your gun at the shopkeeper. It may take some time until the owner has packed all the money from the cash register for you, if you want to speed things up, just shoot a few times in the wall next to him. 

Some shopkeepers get brave after they threw money at you and you put away your gun. Either you shoot the shopkeeper right after receiving the loot or you leave the shop keeping the gun pointed at him to prevent him from shooting you and the action was in vain.

Get cars for Simeon

Beginners in particular will also benefit from this tip. Simeon, the slightly unsympathetic car dealer, will occasionally send you an SMS asking for certain car brands. You can find the requested cars all over Los Santos. 

If you have been able to steal a car from the list, you only have to have it repainted at Los Santos Customs before you bring it to Simeon, otherwise Simeon will not accept the vehicle. 

Also make sure to deliver the vehicle to Simeon as intact as possible, because any damage to the car will decimate your profit. Up to GTA$10,000 can be earned per car delivered. 

It is best to search the local bigwig districts or the districts with the expensive luxury shops for the car brands you want. 

Complete the weekly time trial

Every week there is a new time trial to be found on the map. All you have to do to complete the time trial is look out for the purple stopwatch. Drive into the symbol on the ground and take part in the time trial.

If you could take on the clock, you’ll have an extra GTA$100,000 in your pocket afterwards. Unfortunately, the reward for the time trial can only be collected once per week.

Anyone who has already saved up a decent amount of GTA dollars should definitely get an arena property. If you own such an arena, you unlock more time trials that are contested with remote-controlled RC Bandito cars. You will also receive 100,000 GTA dollars for each time trial you win and will have recovered your investment in the property in no time.

Headshots with the golden revolver

Another tip that will be of particular interest to GTA Online newcomers: Relatively at the beginning of your GTA Online journey, you will be invited to take part in a great treasure hunt. If you successfully complete the treasure hunt, you will find a golden revolver at the end. 

The revolver not only adds a stylish new gun to the other weapons in your probably still relatively small range, you also get 250,000 GTA dollars for free if you get a total of 50 headshots with the revolver. It doesn’t matter if you shoot other players or the AI ​​in the head. 

Don’t let the message popping up regularly regarding the golden revolver unsettle you. The message doesn’t mention the GTA$250,000 for some reason, but don’t worry, the money is definitely there after 50 headshots.

Never walk around with cash

Just talking about how to make money in GTA Online is actually not enough. It is just as important to keep what you have gained. So you shouldn’t just avoid the slot machines at Diamond Casino, but above all deposit your money into your account immediately so that other players can’t take it away from you right away. 

ATMs are actually not that easy to find on the big map and even if you do, it’s quite annoying to have to drive to an ATM after each mission.

However, there is a completely illogical, but still incredibly practical solution: If you want to deposit your cash into your account, you only have to call up the Maze Bank website via mobile phone. You can then deposit the amount conveniently with a click of a button.

Always deposit all of your cash directly. To pay something in GTA Online, it is sufficient if you have money in your account.

Register as a VIP

If you register as a VIP, you found a new organization and thus unlock new, lucrative missions with which you can earn around 250,000 GTA dollars. In order for you to be able to do this, however, you must first invest 50,000 GTA dollars. 

This is how it works:

  1. Open interaction menu.
  2. Scroll down until the SecuroServ option appears.
  3. Select the Register as VIP option.
  4. Think of a name for your own organization and enter it.

Register as a CEO

Even if you want to be a CEO, you have to dig into your own pockets first. You should have at least one million GTA dollars on the high edge, because you need your own office complex and the cheapest one costs exactly one million GTA dollars.

The following offices are available:

  • Maze Bank West for GTA$1,000,000
  • Arcadius Business Center for GTA$2,250,000
  • Lombank West for GTA$3,100,000
  • Maze Bank Tower for 4,000,000 GTA dollars

But no matter which office you choose, the perks remain the same. As a CEO, you can not only take part in new missions with generous rewards, you can also buy several warehouses and use the newly gained space to sell the goods stored there. Alternatively, you can also let off steam with vehicle trading.

How to become a CEO:

  1. Once you have acquired an office, the interaction menu will open.
  2. Scroll to the SecuroServ option.
  3. Select the “Register as CEO” option.

The VIP and CEO missions can also be played alone with a simple trick. Simply open a closed lobby, i.e. a lobby that nobody can join without an invitation.

The Wheel of Fortune at Diamond Casino

Even though we have just advised against gambling on the slot machines in the casino, you should still visit the casino once a day. Once a day you have the opportunity to win great prizes and only have to spin the wheel of fortune once. With a lot of luck, you can pocket up to 50,000 GTA dollars on your daily visit to the casino. 

By the way, every week there is a different luxury sled to win, which is worth significantly more than 50,000 GTA dollars.

Don’t get unhappy if you “only” win chips. You can immediately exchange these for real money at the counter. Also interesting for beginners: At the counter you can pick up a visitor bonus of 1000 chips once a day.

Cash-in with the flight school

Admittedly, the tasks that you have to complete for the flight school are sometimes a bit tricky, but the trip is worth it, especially for new players. If you complete all tasks with a gold rank, you will not only be a top pilot, which can really help you on later missions, but you will also be 250,000 GTA dollars richer. 

However, the reward for passing the flight school can only be claimed once. 

Ultimate casino tip: Betting on the right horse

Stay away from the slot machines in the casino! However, there is a gamble that can be really damn lucrative if done right. First of all: Set yourself a limit. Depending on how much money you have in the bank, you should set a reasonable limit so that you don’t end up completely broke after visiting the inside track. 

When you arrive at the inside track, you can now choose which horse you want to bet on. Horses with a high odds give significantly more profit than horses with a low odds. Statistically, the horses with the lower odds and lower payout win more often. 

Nevertheless, we recommend always betting on the horse with the highest odds, because this horse also wins several times a day. Depending on the stake, you can win millions with the horse that has the highest odds.

We also recommend that you do not immediately throw out the amount that you have set as a limit in a bet. It is better to bet on the horse with the highest odds several times in a row. Of course, the more often you bet on the horse, the more likely it is that the horse with the highest odds will win.

We’ve already made a lot of ash this way, and above all without any losses, since the extremely high profits have always more than made up for the amounts lost.

Participate in heists and robberies

There is probably no action in GTA Online that rewards you more. With Heists you can bag millions together with other players. Unfortunately, while heists are the best way to earn the most money and get rich quickest, there are a few catches. 

If you’re new to GTA Online, you’ll need to rely on other players to start a Heist, because in order to start a Heist yourself, you’ll need to own a luxury apartment, arcade, or other special facility. However, you first have to pay a lot for this and we are talking about sums that either scratch the border of a million or are sometimes even significantly higher.

The other players present another catch. For a heist you always need a complete team of 4 players and cannot be contested alone. Depending on the time, you simply won’t find a full lobby and if you do, you’ll be happy to be brought together with trolls, who are only too happy to spoil the raid.

However, heists can also be something really great, because once you have gotten a clever team together, the missions divided over several parts can really make you want to and always bring a nice amount of tension with them. 

You can get the most money with the following heists:

  • Diamond Casino Heist : up to GTA$11,374,000 on hardest difficulty
  • Cayo Perico Heist: up to GTA$6,820,000 on the hardest difficulty and with the Panther statue
  • Doomsday Heist: up to GTA$3,500,000 on hardest difficulty

If you want to get rich, you have to invest

In the course of this article, we have already established that it is smart to invest in an arena property or a luxury apartment. The expenses to register as a VIP and ultimately even as a CEO are also worthwhile. 

But there are other investments that you should definitely make if you want to be among the richest of the rich. In our last big tip, we summarize the remaining major investments for you.

Own clubhouse

You have to invest at least 200,000 GTA dollars for your own clubhouse, which is the cheapest major investment. 

The Motorbike Club serves as a safe house and rallying point for you and your gang, unlocking new lucrative options. If you own the clubhouse, you can invest in cocaine laboratories and hemp plantations from now on and thus continuously rake in money.

Own bunker

With your own bunker you can research weapon improvements and sell products. Goods that are sold via the bunker must either be purchased legally beforehand or stolen. Stealing should of course be used for maximum profit.

For your own bunker you have to spend at least 1,165,000 GTA dollars.

Own nightclub 

If you want to own a nightclub, you need to invest at least 1,080,000 GTA dollars, for this amount you will get the cheapest nightclub.

With a nightclub you can then passively generate profits. The more popular your club is, the more money accumulates in the club vault. You can increase the popularity of your club by playing nightclub missions, dancing with clubgoers and putting up advertising posters.

Own arcade

In order to be able to buy an arcade, you must first have spoken to Lester. This calls you at some point, whereupon an “L” appears on the map. Then just drive over there to chat with him. For the arcade you have to invest between about 1,500,000 GTA dollars and 2,500,000 GTA dollars. 

However, there is no more worthwhile investment than just owning the arcade allows you to start the most lucrative heist, the Diamond Casino heist, yourself. In addition, you continuously generate money. The amount of hourly earnings is measured by how much you have invested in the slot machines. The earnings are in a vault, in the arcade. 

You should empty the vaults in your establishments once a day as the vaults can only hold a maximum of GTA$250,000. If the safes are full, no more money is taken.

Stay secure and get rewarded for it

By enabling 2 step verification, Rockstar will give you $500,000 for GTA Online and 10 Gold Bars for Red Dead Online. All you have to do is set up follow the guide and then log in to the website to enter the relevant data for security reasons, after that you are qualified to receive the rewards.