Gears 5 launched on September 10th for Xbox One and Windows 10 worldwide. At the same time The Coalition, Gears of War 5 developers , announced and Gears Esports together with PGL, a tournament organizer, a season that will start in 2019/20.

The Gears Esports season consists of three open tournaments. As the name already suggests, anyone can participate. In addition to major events, a number of regional tournaments will be held.

The three most important events of the season will be in December 2019, March and end of May 2020 with the season highlights being the World Cup in July 2020. The two venues Mexico City and San Diego have already been announced. Keeping loyalty to past seasons, all teams should have the opportunity to participate in major events.

The top teams from the five regions – North America, Central America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and South America – will meet at the World Cup and compete for most of the prize pool. Through out the entire season, more than $2 million in prize money will be awarded. 

Gears 5 2019-2020 Esports Roadmap

The online Pro League

New for Gears 5: the best teams from North America, Central America and Europe can also qualify for an online Pro League. In addition to the prize money, the travel expenses of the best teams will be also taken care of for the Major Events.  

Pro-League qualified teams are no longer eligible to participate in weekly online tournaments and will be eliminated from the regional leaderboards. This gives new teams the chance to rise to the top. The top amateur teams can progress through the online qualifier into the Pro League during the season. The lowest ranked Pro League teams must defend their seats.  

This format allows players of different levels to competitively compete against each other.