Developer V1 Interactive (ex-Halo developers) revealed the first material on Disintegration at Gamescom. After a first teaser there is finally more information about the sci-fi shooter. In the game you play the role of the resistance fighter Romer Shoal, with whom you draw in the fight against the cyborg-like Rayonne.

As PC Games Hardware reports, the first teaser on Disintegration featured a heavily armed, futuristic vehicle. As we now know, this is a so-called gravcycle. Originally, these were developed for search and rescue missions. With armor and weapons, they are also ideal as a combat vehicle against the Rayonne.

From the air on cyborgs shoot

As an experienced Gravcycle pilot Romer Shoal, your job is to defend the rest of humanity. Fighting is from the ego perspective. The view reminds a bit of a “mech” game thanks to the visible weapons and components of the Gravcycle. However, the Hoverbike allows you to attack your opponents even from lofty heights.

In the fight against the Rayonne you are not on your own. As you can see in the trailer, you have three allies at your side, but without a gravcycle. Whether you will have the hoverbike throughout the game or you’ll have to hunt on foot is unknown.

Game appears with single and multiplayer

As developer announced V1 Interactive, Disintegration will have a single and a multiplayer. In both modes, it will depend both on the coordination in team fights and the skillful use of individual skills. Disintegration is expected to be released next year for PS4, Xbox One and PC.