Counter-Strike’s most iconic map was removed from the Active Duty map pool and replaced with a new version of the map Inferno, back in February, 2017. Valve at that time stated that the changes in Dust2 would be significant.

According to this article, the Ukrainian CS:GO team, Natus Vincere, already practiced the beta version of the map and said that once it comes out it might go straight to the Active Duty map pool, the opposite of Inferno which was already out in October 2016 but only reached the map pool in February 2017.

It’s good to see Valve working with professional teams behind the scenes to deliver better quality changes to the game.

For now the map pool is still consisted of Cache, Cobblestone, Inferno, Nuke, Mirage, Overpass, and Train.

Let’s hope this new version of Dust2 brings back old memories of the map along with some new mechanics, balancing and a fix to the inherent problems within the map’s structure.

UPDATE: Screenshot of Bombsite B revealed

UPDATE 2: The new dust2 is now in pre-release, you can play the map by opting into Beta depot Check out more map details on