New game mode of the Call of Duty series was released under the name Warzone. The mode is part of the current paid title Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but comes as a free-to-play.

Here is an overview of Warzone with some of the things you can expect from this new game mode.

Progress and multiplayer items

In Warzone, you will level up your weapons, Battle pass and your player level the same way as in any other mode in the main game. And if you own Modern Warfare, you can use everything weapon skin, operator and operator skins in this mode also.

Crossplay is enabled

Because it’s a mode and part of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which has crossplay enabled in all multiplayer modes. Infinity Ward also made that happen for Warzone, therefore you can jump into battle with your friends from XBOX, PS4 and PC.

Trio queue only

Warzone at launch only has trio teams (three players per team). Variations may come in the future, as with the total player numbers, since there are data leaks that indicate several team sizes, such as solo, duo or quad.

Huge map to explore

The map is huge and brings more than twice the area of ​​its predecessor Blackout, the Battle Royale mode in Black Ops 4. Activision speaks of more than 300 locations for you to discovered and loot, but that’s not all. The Warzone also contains a lot of old maps from previous Call of Duty games.

Big chicken dinners

Unlike previous Battle Royale games such as PUBG, Fortnite or H1Z1 who had the limit of 100 players, Warzone has 150 players and has two different ways of being played, Plunder and Battle Royale. Also the player limit may be increased in the future, due to the number 200 being leaked on the dumped files before the mode’s release.

Plunder mode

This is about collecting the most in-game cash possible. There is no circle that closes and forces you in a certain direction, instead you have 30 minutes to collect as much cash as possible as a team. But with certain rules:

  • Respawn is activated
  • Own loadouts can be used
  • 30 minutes to collect cash
  • The team with the most cash after 30 minutes wins
  • If a team collects a million in less than 30 minutes, an overtime starts
  • The overtime lasts 2 minutes and cash loot brings twice as much in time. If another team then collects more cash, that team wins.
  • Players lose their cash on death
  • Teams can secure their cash at various locations

Because of the respawn and without a shrinking playing field, this mode makes a more relaxed impression.

At the moment, there is currently no information on whether there will be other modes besides Plunder and Battle Royale. Information from the data speaks of a maximum of 200 players on the map, possibly there are varying game modes or events that loosen up and keep the gaming experience fresh. But that is pure speculation.

Extra features

The new mode also has some new features, some are even new to the Battle Royale genre:

  • You can ping locations
  • There are no backpacks
  • The matches start with a pistol, up until now in every Battle Royale game you started empty handed, relying on your fists to kill your opponents, in order to be able to grab some loot for yourself.
  • Respawns and The Gulag

The Gulag

This is an important new feature, it gives the player the possibility to rejoin the Warzone by winning the fight against an enemy in a 1v1 battle on the map “Gulag-Showers” – as long as the Gulag is still open during the match.

But there’s even more fun, before players fight for survival with another Gulag prisoner, they can bet on the current duels and throw stones at the fighters.

While winning the Gulag will allow you to rejoin the Warzone for free, it’s your last chance to use this method, there are no more second chances. In case you lose the fight, however, your team is able to get you back in the match by paying 4,500 cash at a buy station.

No backpacks

There are no backpacks in these modes, instead you just loot:

  • Two weapons
  • Ammunition
  • Armor
  • Grenades
  • Secondary grenades
  • One killstreak
  • Field upgrade
  • Gas mask
  • Respawn Token

This way, players spend less time managing their messy backpacks, attachments or clothes and will focus more on tactics and killing enemies.

Also, at the start of the round, all players have 100 health and 2 armor plates and there is no difference between body armor or head armor.

A player can be stacked up to 250 health with 3 armor plates, meaning that each plate is 50 HP and can be found anywhere on the map. Like Modern Warfare multiplayer, there is also automatic health regeneration and the Stim Shot, which gives us full HP again.

Cash system, killstreaks and respawn tokens

Everywhere on the map you will find not only equipment but also cash that you can then spend to purchase equipment such as armor, weapons or killstreaks at buy stations scattered across the map.

You can find killstreaks as loot or buy them, each player can only carry one killstreak at a time, and they are not related with your kills like in previous Call of Duty multiplayer modes.

There are 2 types of respawn tokens that can bring us or teammates back into play:

  • Self-resuscitation
  • Team revival

While the token for self-resuscitation brings our own character back on its feet, with the team resuscitation we can also bring back team members who have already failed in the Gulag.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Warzone mode, is now live, it was released in March 10th, 2020.