Yesterday, 26th of March 2020, Infinity Ward released a new update on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that includes changes for the latest game mode Warzone. Here is an overview of what you can find in this patch:

Playlist update

As always, there is a rotation in the game modes and time-limited events in the multiplayer menu. Here are the new playlists:

  • Khandor Hindeout 24/7: Here you can play the new map, over and over again. You can read more about Khandor Hindeout below.
  • NVG Infected: The new event mode brings the previous zombie multiplayer mode to the night maps, where the survivors only have a limited number of batteries for their night vision devices.
  • Plunder Blood Money: The huge Warzone map is about kills and lots of money: every kill guarantees a nice sum. Completing bounties even gives you extra.

Weapon balance

A lot also changes in equipment with Update 1.18! Here is a quick overview of the most important points:

  • Crossbow projectiles now take 6 instead of 3 seconds flight time over long distances
  • The “Amped” perk shortens the reload time of Strela-P, PILA and JOKR and other weapons
  • Vehicles and Thermite grenades can now destroy mobile cover
  • Stopping Power delivers double the amount of ammunition for Akimbo pistols
  • The effect of stun grenades is now much less pronounced
  • New weapons added in Warzone (more details below)

Modern Warfare: New map

CoD: Modern Warfare gets a completely new map called Khandor Hideout, which is designed for 6v6 matches (TDM, Hardpoint, Domination, Headquarters, etc.).

According to Infinity Ward, the map playing in Urzikstan should offer mixed fights, because on one hand it contains big lines of sight outside, but on the other hand it also contains narrow interiors.

The large, centrally located warehouse is supposed to be one of the focal points of activity and a paradise for everyone who likes to kill their enemies in close combat.

Modern Warfare: New operator

The new operator Talon joins the battle on the coalition side – and also brings his dog Indiana. The four-legged friend will not accompany you to the battlefield, but will be seen in Talons Finishing Moves.

The bundle that includes Talon will also include two legendary weapon blueprints and two tier skips that will help you level up in the Battle Pass.

Warzone: Four new weapons

Players will be able to find these four new weapons in Verdansk:

  • The 725 shotgun
  • The MK2 carabiner
  • The .50 GS (Desert Eagle)
  • The EBR-14 rifle

All four weapons can now be found on Warzone as loot in both common and legendary quality (upgraded with attachments). So you don’t need Loadout Drops to get these weapons.

With the 725 Shotgun, one of the most controversial weapons from Modern Warfare comes into Battle Royale mode: The shotgun was considered overpowering the first weeks after the release of the shooter, as it often killed with one hit even at great distance.