To improve your character with new and better Skill Tree Skills, you need to step up in the level. There are some tricks that will get you to the level maximum and the guardian rank faster. If you feel you are not leveling fast enough, here’s some help for you.

Choose the right skills

Logically, to improve and personalize your character, you must distribute skills in the skill tree. In order to defeat as many opponents as possible, you should do a lot of damage for you to not spend much time dealing with enemy hordes. At the same time, you also have to be mobile and be able rush to the next wave as quickly as possible.

FL4K is the best solo class in Borderlands 3 and our guide explains how to do it best. However, if you’ve lost your skills once and want to redistribute them in the Skill Tree, then you can do that at the Quick Change Station aboard the Sanctuary, which will cost you money. At these quick change stations, you can also customize the skin and emotes of your character.

Quick skill change station panel

Which quests should you do first?

  1. Main Quest
  2. Optional Goals
  3. Secondary Quests

Even if it sounds trivial, the main quest of Borderlands 3 should be in the foreground with you. Not only does it provide you with consistent and reliable XP and new abilities, it also unlocks more weapon slots. Especially at the beginning, the fastest way leads to a higher level over the main missions.

If you really want to level up as quickly as possible, then you should  save the side missions for later because they bring less XP than the main missions. If you return to the side missions after completing the story, you can complete them much faster and farm XP.

In some quests, there are optional goals that you can and should take in addition if you want to level faster. For example, you get the challenge to kill an opponent in a certain way. These secondary goals are worth the effort, since they offer a not inconsiderable share of XP.

Borderlands 3 skill tree setup panel

Levels in the endgame

If you have completed the main quest of Borderlands 3, which is expected to run for between 30 and 40 hours, the endgame content will be accessible. In addition to the Mayhem mode, you now also have access to the test area and the Ring of Carnage. The last two you can play as many times as you want and get a lot of XP. The Mayhem mode, however, lets you choose between three levels that determine the level of difficulty and thus the strength of the opponents, but also the value of the loot.

The repeated challenge of bosses is a useful method to continue to collect XP later in the game. Although you get less experience points than the first time, but it is still worthwhile due to the loot. The Katagawa Ball is back in its original place when you return to Skywell-27.

If you play with friends together, the number of XP increases again and you will increase faster in the level. Even if you play as a low level character with a much higher leveled friend, you can profit. Especially at the beginning you are moving so fast, but of course you are more vulnerable and you might see passages spoiling you.

Some quick tips to help you

  1. Use the Lost-Loot machine: This is an automaton from which you get high-quality loot that you missed on a mission. Just look over here after each mission, if you have not left a cool, legendary weapon somewhere – the Lost-Loot machine spits it out! It has limited space for loot. That’s why you should empty them regularly anyway. The machine can be found when you arrive at a certain point in the story, you gain access to your home base “Sanctuary”. The map shows all the important points of the Sanctuary when you are in the base.
  2. You can travel fast from anywhere: There are individual stations that are displayed on the map. If you move the cursor over it, you will see if you can use the fast trip there.
  3. There is a handy build planner: On the official website of Borderlands you will find a great practical way to plan your talent trees for the classes – in the linked article you will come to the planner. You can already fill in the build for each of the four characters and experiment with it before you finally distribute your points.
  4. Use different types of weapons: Borderlands 3 sometimes makes life difficult for you by running out of ammunition and not coming to a new one so quickly. It is an advantage if you have different types of weapons with different ammunition, so that you are not completely empty. Otherwise you have to use your fists. The same goes for elements, it’s best to have different elemental weapons.
  5. Choose the correct elemental damage in combat: Enemies and weapons are assigned to different elements. Some elements “win” against others in the “stone-scissors-paper” principle. So you should know which element you need to use with your weapons to be effective against a specific opponent.