At PAX West 2019, Developer Gearbox announced a lot of endgame content for Borderlands 3. Overall, three additional modes to provide more depth of play and increase the replay value. In addition, the roadmap for upcoming DLCs was shown.

Even after the campaign is over, Borderlands 3 should not be boring. Rather, for veterans of the series, the “right” way to play. After the first campaign ending, the “Guardian Rank” system is unlocked, allowing players to improve their stats by completing challenges, as stated on the official site. The “True Vault Hunter” mode, a kind of New Game Plus, and the “Mayhem” mode, which will completely turn the Borderlands 3 universe on its head, will also be available after completing the game.

Three new game modes against boredom in the endgame

The “Guardian Rank” is supposed to work much like the “Badass Rank” in Borderlands 2: where Players are given a Guardian Token for each leveling of their experience bar, which allows them to unlock bonuses for the Enforcer, Survivor, and Hunter classes. These bonuses are very nice, but the really good stuff is only available if you have invested a certain number of tokens in a class. Then you’ll get new weapons and skins, as well as powerful passive abilities that will boost your power level even more.

These improvements are also badly needed for the True Vault Hunter mode. Because in the New Game Plus of Borderlands 3 players can expect stronger opponents, but also better and rarer loot. And if that’s not hard enough for you, you can increase the level of difficulty in “Mayhem” mode. You can choose from the difficulty levels Mayhem 1 to 3. With each level enemies become considerably stronger, but you also earn more funds and get more experience.

The interesting thing about the “Mayhem” mode, however, are the random modifications that force you to acquire new styles of play. For example, you could get the mod “You’re a sorcerer” by doing diminished damage with normal ammo, but increasing your elemental damage.

New Borderlands 3 content already in Winter

In addition, developer Gearbox announced before the release of the game a real content offensive: From autumn to winter, there will be a total of three DLCs, two of them for free. These bring new rewards, a new map and new enemies and bosses. Among other things, the paid DLC should expand the campaign.


Borderlands 3 will be released on September 13 for PS4, Xbox One and PC, and later for Google Stadia.