DICE is bringing some historical night battles in rural France on to Battlefield 1.

Last month, they revealed Nivelle Nights and the map is set in an massive historical joint task force operation of the British and French Armies against the German defenses. Although, the Allied Army’s attacks were successful, the whole operation itself wasn’t that decisive for the war.

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Nivelle Nights image

Last week, a new map was revealed, under the name Prise de Tahure. Taking place after the Nivelle Nights map’s historical operation, French troops desperately hold on to re-captured heights in the Butte-de-Tahure region.

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Prise de Tahure image

Both maps will be available in June for Battlefield 1 Premium Pass players.

The next expansion for the game features the Russian Army as a new playable faction and four new maps in the Eastern Front during the cold Russian winters. Things such as, a set of new vehicles, new weapons, gadgets and more, will also be included in the expansion.

EA also announced that Battlefield 1 will start receiving monthly updates. A release date for the expansion, as well as, pricing on the maps for players who don’t own the premium pass is yet to be announced.