Since the release of fail game No Man’s Sky, space has been waiting to be re-discovered by astronauts.
Hoping to bring interplanetary exploration with a new look, the company System Era Softworks has made Astroneer a cartoonish gamelike, giving it a more friendly look to captivate more players. The game will have a world shaping system, trade system, crafting, vehicles and building system to create your own aerospace industry.
One of the game’s most notable differences comparing to No Man’s Sky is Multiplayer, Astroneer has a real multiplayer co-op system where the players can see each other and interact with each other, but in Astroneer there is no trace that will have a PvP system, the game centers for now in building and exploring worlds with your friends, but as long has it doesn’t interfere with the game’s current structure the developers can implement the PvP system in the future.
Astroneer can be a great competitor to No Man’s Sky and Minecraft, the game will cost 20€ and it’s currently on Early Access at the Steam Market.