Danish esports team Astralis is back on the Counter Strike throne and have won their fourth major title, three of which they won consecutively.

In a superior 2-0 (16: 6, 16: 5) victory in the Grand Final of the Major in Berlin, the Scandinavians triumphed on Sunday over the Kazakh outsider AVANGAR.

Their forth major success after Atlanta in 2017, London 2018 and Katowice last March, Astralis pocketed $500,000 in prize money once again, making a total of $2,000,000 and putting Xyp9x, dupree, dev1ce, gla1ve and Magisk in the top 5 of Counter-Strike’s Total Prize Money Earned Ranking according to EsportsEarning.com.

Astralis become major record winners

To date, the Danish and the Swedish team Fnatic had three titles in the account, but now they are the sole record holders with this StarLadder Berlin 2019 win.

The success for the team around star player Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz was especially important, because the current world number one ranked team, Liquid from North America, had taken Astralis out of that rank since June of this year.