This week, the next time-limited event named “Voidwalker” starts in “Apex Legends”. The two-week event is inspired by Wraith’s mysterious past and of course there’s a lot of loot again. Premium items can also be bought directly this time.

Like the Iron Crown event, Voidwalker offers some additional modes and extras. So there will be again a city takeover, in which the map changes drastically. There’s also a mode called “Armed and Dangerous,” where only sniper rifles and shotguns can be used. According to EA , it should be much more difficult in this mode to get fancy loot.

Double weekend experience for the normal level and Battle Pass

If you also want to do a bit more for your account and battle pass level, you will have the opportunity from September 6th at 7pm to September 9th at 7pm to earn double experience.

By the way: Those who are interested in the lore of Apex Legends should take a closer look at Kings Canyon. That’s where the Syndicate Construction Crew uncovered the Wraith facility.

Challenges for Free Loot and a Direct Purchase Shop

Players can receive a total of eight different rewards for solving specific challenges during the event. Premium items can be purchased in the new store: In addition to cosmetic items, such as the Voidwalker Legendary for Wraith, there are also cheaper items available that cost around $5. These are initially only for sale during the event, but return in six months in the shop.

Developer Respawn also revealed that six more legendary items will be added to the existing item pool. These can be obtained either by crafting or by opening packs. If you want to save work, you can also buy it directly in the shop.