The second season in Apex Legends is slowly coming to an end, and the players are already curious what to expect in the third season.

Respawn hasn’t yet hosted an official press conference for the third season of Apex Legends, but some information has already leaked out at the Gamestop Conference. The new legend and weapon were unintentionally presented to the public, as someone had secretly photographed the presentation.

The new season is suppose to have the title “Fire and Ice” according to the leaks.

When does the Season 3 start?

The exact start date has not yet been determined, but some signs point to the beginning of October, as the release dates of each season are already shown in the original launch roadmap.

Apex Legends 2019 Roadmap
The original roadmap of Apex Legends is out of date, but provides clues about the Season 3.

Although the month of September marks the start of the third season in the roadmap, the Season 1 start in March was delayed by two weeks, also because the 2nd season Battlepass will not expire until the 1st of October, it is not possible that Respawn keeps the September deadline.

New legend incoming?

The new legend will probably become the hacker “Crypto”, he already appeared on the first Concept drawings and celebrated its premiere in the launch trailer of Season 2.

Crypto in a banner with long hair

He hacked the repulser and brought his collapse, as a result, Kings Canyon was populated by flyers and Leviathans.

What can Crypto do?

  • Areal drone (Tactical) – This drone can fly within 200M radius. She can hack doors, pick up team banners and open loot boxes. It should be destructible.
  • Neuro Link (passive) – Crypto and his team mates see what the area drone spies within 30 yards.
  • Weapon Drone EMP (Ultimate) – A fierce drone EMP pulse that deals shield damage, slows enemies, and disables traps.

New Charge Rifle

Also a new weapon was presented at the Gamestop Conference, the Charge Rifle. Is not yet known what it can or cannot due, but the weapon was already featured in Titanfall 2 and by that you can be sure that it first charges and then discharges with an electric shock causing high amount of damage. Also, it is not yet revealed if the Charge Rifle will be a special drop or normally lootable.


The information should be treated with caution: In this leak and as with all leaks, please note that all information is not officially confirmed and that it can be subject to change or end up being completely wrong.