The 3rd season for Apex Legends is on the digital doorstep and here you can learn all about the new legend, the new weapon, new Battle Pass and the new map World’s Edge. 

Tomorrow on October 01, 2019, the wait is over for the players that are eager for the new season. Season 3 will start right after the second season ending. According to Respawn, the September release could not be fully addressed so it will now also end on October 01, which suggests that no downtime is planned for the season switch.

Who is the new legend?

The new legend is Crypto, a hacker. His skills include:

  • Tactical ability called Aerial Drone : Camera drone that lasts 40 seconds. It has a range of 200 meters and can be destroyed. Crypto can hack doors, loosen containers and pick up banners.
  • Passive ability called Neuro Link : Held and his teammates see what his drone detects within 30 yards.
  • Ultimate ability called Weapon Drone EMP: EMP, which emanates from the drone and damages shields, slows down enemies and defuses traps.

What does the new map offer?

The new map is called World’s Edge and will be integrated into the game with Season 3. The new map will be on a whole new planet (probably New Dawn), so it will not be on Solace (like King’s Canyon). This creates more possibilities for Apex Legends Lore, future maps and game modes.

It should be noted that World’s Edge has several biomes, including ice and fire areas. 

What is the new weapon?

While we got to see the well-known L-Star in Season 2, the Charge Rifle will be waiting for us in Season 3, it’s an energy weapon that fires a straight chargeable energy beam.

What does the Battle Pass offer and how much will it cost?

So far, it has been officially confirmed that over 3,000 cosmetic items are planned for Season 3, including, as always, legendary skins, Apex packs (which include coins) and extras for the paid Battle Pass. The exact details, however, will be revealed tomorrow. 

But if you’re wondering what the Battle Pass will cost, then you should prepare your purse for 950 Apex Coins. For 10 Euro you can buy 1000 Apex Coins in the shop. Or maybe you still have coins from the Season 2 Battle Pass? Use them to pay for the new Battle Pass and save some money.