Players using different gaming platforms made the gaming industry one of the fastest growing industries on the planet. With that in mind, all gamers must be aware of the privacy risks involved.

These are 4 tips for players to ensure data privacy and prevent gaming-related threats:

– When signing up for a gaming account, go through the account details and determine which are truly important for your gaming experience. While giving out your real name, address and birthdate might be required, it doesn’t mean players have to be accurate. The same goes for the required email address, gamers are advised to set up a separate email account for game registration purposes to keep it separate from email accounts that contain your address book, contact information, and verification information for other accounts such as social media or online banking.
– If you have to search for tips or files that could help improve your gaming experience, avoid visiting unverified sites or downloading third-party software from unknown sources. It also follows that players should avoid using their game account credentials to log into third party sites or apps.
– If you don’t plan on buying in-game items, don’t link your credit or debit card details to a gaming account. If you do plan on making online purchases, ask your card provider if they offer an online verification service for online transactions. Similarly, regularly review your bank statements to make sure there aren’t any unverified purchases.
– Install reliable security software that can also detect malicious links and spam and regularly scan your system to make sure that your system is malware-free.

Tips are courtesy of TrendMicro